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[Deprecated] Evaluate a smooth at a grid of evenly spaced value over the range of the covariate associated with the smooth. Alternatively, a set of points at which the smooth should be evaluated can be supplied.


evaluate_smooth(object, ...)



an object of class "gam" or "gamm".


arguments passed to other methods.


A data frame, which is of class "evaluated_1d_smooth" or evaluated_2d_smooth, which inherit from classes "evaluated_smooth"

and "data.frame".


[Deprecated] evaluate_smooth() is deprecated in favour of smooth_estimates(), which provides a cleaner way to evaluate a smooth over a range of covariate values. smooth_estimates() can handle a much wider range of models than evaluate_smooth() is capable of and smooth_estimates() is much easier to extend to handle new smooth types.

Most code that uses evaluate_smooth() should work simply by changing the function call to smooth_estimates(). However, there are some differences:

  • the newdata argument becomes data