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A wrapper to mgcv::gam.vcomp() which returns the smoothing parameters expressed as variance components.


variance_comp(object, ...)

# S3 method for gam
variance_comp(object, rescale = TRUE, coverage = 0.95, ...)



an R object. Currently only models fitted by mgcv::gam() or mgcv::bam() are supported.


arguments passed to other methods


logical; for numerical stability reasons the penalty matrices of smooths are rescaled before fitting. If rescale = TRUE, this rescaling is undone, resulting in variance components that are on their original scale. This is needed if comparing with other mixed model software, such as lmer().


numeric; a value between 0 and 1 indicating the (approximate) coverage of the confidence interval that is returned.


This function is a wrapper to mgcv::gam.vcomp() which performs three additional services

  • it suppresses the annoying text output that mgcv::gam.vcomp() prints to the terminal,

  • returns the variance of each smooth as well as the standard deviation, and

  • returns the variance components as a tibble.