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  • Gavin L. Simpson. Author, maintainer, copyright holder.

  • Henrik Singmann. Contributor.


Source: inst/CITATION

Simpson G (2024). gratia: Graceful ggplot-Based Graphics and Other Functions for GAMs Fitted using mgcv. R package version,

  title = {{gratia}: Graceful {ggplot}-Based Graphics and Other Functions
                  for {GAM}s Fitted using {mgcv}},
  author = {Gavin L. Simpson},
  year = {2024},
  abstract = {Graceful ggplot-based graphics and utility functions for
             working with generalized additive models (GAMs) fitted using the
             mgcv package. Provides a reimplementation of the plot() method for
             GAMs that mgcv provides, as well as tidyverse-compatible
             representations of estimated smooths.},
  note = {R package version},
  url = {},